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Welcome to my e-Portfolio!

October 27, 2009

I hope you enjoy exploring

my thoughts about literature

and related art

forms as much as I enjoyed gathering them!

Have fun and feel free to comment on my work!

“Climbing” the structure


The portfolio contains several pages, all accessible in accordance to your interest via the right sidebar.

The pages:

Introduction – My reflection on my learning progress

Words mediate (hi)story – My thoughts about how literature tells stories and meanwhile explains history

Why art ensues nature – An atempt to explain why nature is the source of creativity

Henry Lawson’s art – My reflections on Lawson’s large impact on my understanding of Australia

Malouf’s Ransom – Reflections and further thoughts about the novel that shifted me most

art and culture@my life – Deals with my engagement with art and culture in Sydney

Creative bits and pieces – Contains my own writing

…beloved – Offers two poems I deeply like