Creative Bits'n'Pieces

My creative responses to Australian literature

1. My attempt to speak in Aunt Shafana’s voice[1]

Referring to the play “Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah: Soft revolution” , by the Alex Buzo Company, I could not identify to full extent with Aunt Sarrinah, as I disliked her eager attitude to adapt to society. To give it a try I want to write an inner monologue of her thoughts right at the moment when Shafana tells her about her desire to wear the hinjab.

“…the HINJAB… is this girl gone crazy?? Does she know what she is saying? How can she even think about it? Am I not the perfect example of success due to working hard, caring about what the world expects from me?

Have I failed in my education? Have I not made clear what you have to be like out there? It’s money that counts! If I regard back to the life we used to have at home – struggle, fear, political insecurity… And now look what Australia is like! Everyone can make a good living by working hard! Or less,… but at least you need a university degree! That’s how the doors are opened-just have a certificate and you can enter the nice offices. I couldn’t imagine staying at home all day – cooking, sweeping, reading women’s weekly – in case my husband allows- I am an INDEPENDENT woman! How can Sharana have different aims? Does she want to be one of those that mum themselves , don’t have a say in anything? Or does she want to work in a factory for some cents an hour?

How can she do this to me? After all I have done for her… she should look at her parents they are still denied to come here. She should be glad to be grown up here, it makes it so much easier for her to get a good job in economy!! How can she then think of her religion? That is not required! She should aim at a good uni degree instead of wasting her time on this nonsense…”
2. My own poems

a.Inspired by the power of art to express meaning inherent to nature, meanwhile appealing to various senses, I created an own poem:

Words threaten your face
linen faces threads
a powerful meaning in both
much concealed
still so obvious
if only you can hear
what your eyes see
if only you can smell
what nature wants to tell

b.My attempt to write a Jindyworobaks

Due to my enragement on account of the humiliation Aboriginals had to face I was inspired to write this

Chocolate spreadgreed2

The red fox spreads out
greed over water and soil
that makes it grow.
Chasing life away
living there long before
in not the slightest row.

No signs of owing,
why shall I not be growing?
He stops to aks,
sets out his task,
builds up a dwelling,
no one rebelling.

No care
what others dare.

God made me rise,
so it must be right
to do so is wise,
The bill is black not white!

c. Reflective poem

After having talked a lot about the relationship, or rather clash between Whites and Aboriginals during the semester, I wrote a poem on certain impressions I had prior broadening my knowledge due to the lecture. Moreover what everything appears to be, but not actually is.

Blind eyes

I saw it from the great eagle
vast land,
empty and sandy
crowded and stoned.
In peace from above
though unease from between
colours in peace from distance
though unease in the past
not obvious anymore
cruelty so little before

[1] Stephanie Heinen:

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