Peer review

Hey folks, please feel free to utter criticism!
(I had to evaluate people two up/down from me, as the URL of those I was supposed to look at was not published till yesterday)

These are the comments I posted on my peers:

Alan Evans:

Dear Alan,

I really liked your welcoming opening page! Moreover you showed deep thoughts about your imagination connected to poetry. This is especially apparent in the figurative title of your portfolio. Unfortunately, you didn’t offer any insight into your creativity any further or offered other reflective thoughts on this unit. Please contact me if I didn’t find the other pages… Yet if the “Home” and “A little bit native…” page are the only ones, you may add some pictures to engage the reader even more and then you could add some of your poems you posted on your blog. Furthermore, you might include some issues you noted down in your essay. Another good way to engage the reader might be to publish your experiences and thoughts while we have been to the Art Gallery and Theater.

Best wishes!

Mark: 10

Stephanie Marsden

I was interesting to read your reflection on the whole unit as spawning your interest into “homemade” literature. In my opinion your portfolio shows exceedingly well that you learned a lot about but maybe most important through literature about Australia. Moreover it is nice you provided evidence from literature for each of your new acknowledgements.

Yet maybe you can change the design a bit, as all the text being white on a green ground is hard to read all the time. This, especially when intending to read your creative part. Here you did very well in linking all the bits with a precise introduction why you have written them. Your description of the Life experiences with art are very logic and interesting, however it would be more spawning to read them if you might insert some pictures.

Good luck!

Mark: 13

Unfortunately I just got reviewed by one of my peers.
This is what Alan Evans commented:

The opening feel of the page is great! You have a good color theme, as well as a fantastic picture of yourself. A very welcoming page! The different sized fonts are a little confusing at first, by they become easier to deal with the more I look at the page. The links below are done really well, the layout of the entire list is a nice change from the relatively linear norm used by most people. Your (hi)story page is really well done! Lots of information, the images are nicely laid out, and the general layout is easy for the reader to focus on! Once again, your why art ensues nature page, follows on this really elegant layout of text and images, the two melding together in a really pleasing fashion. The references made to the texts your write about, break up the bloc’s really well as well! Overall, each of your pages is done really well, there is plenty of information on each one, the melding of text and images flows seamlessly from one page to the next. Really good work!

Mark: 8/10

I found it very motivating what Alan mentioned about my portfolio as I put effort into it to let it appear in an attractive way as well as full of interesting content. Hence I chaneged some of the size fonds to improve its readability and cohesion.


One Response to “Peer review”

  1. Laura H Says:

    hey Stephanie
    i really enjoyed looking at your e-portfolio.
    I really liked the way you set it up with pictures and it was is to move from page to page. I really enjoyed how you displayed what you have learnt clearly, how you interpreted Australian literature. I also loved your creative writing. The whole blog kept me interested on what you hjad to write
    best of luck with the final

    Mark 10

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